Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High 5 in Aus

Preston, Randy and Price stayed at mine for a couple weeks after Bondi bowl a rama. Good times as always. I got a 7d (old slr died last year) for the last few days of their trip and was eager to shoot anything. Here's a little taste from a trip to Darling Harbour and a very hungover session at Matty J's local - Hunter's Hill skatepark...
Ollie over 2 rails. Really sick, hadn't seen anyone skate this before.
Tre flip the water gap 3rd shot. Underrated spot and skater.
Randy - Wallie
Wallie fish
Pivot kickflip to fakie
Price - bs tail block - 5 Dock

Old Ass Camera

A camera my old man gave me that his old man gave him years back. Me and Price decided to try put a roll of 120 b&w through it. First roll since 1961 apparently...
View from the balcony
Randy Ploesser from The High 5 and The Pretty Blog
Matt Price pro photographer and funny man
Preston Harper from The High 5 and bloggytreats !
My old man feeding the kookaburras.

Stoked that we came up with something, considering there was bound to be light leaks plus a lot of guess work.
I'm now halfway through my second roll...