Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Sunday Shenanigans!

Everyones favourite Sydney skater Rhys Grogan claimed switch flip down the Aurora 12. He bought a longneck and an energy drink and then mixed them together to create a magic potion of chatness. Death or glory! We were in for a treat...
Off to a rough start...

Getting a little closer...

BOOM! Stomped it on the last step!

Then suddenly out of nowhere a nollie BS flip attempt!
First and last attempt. I think he's had enough.
Thanks for the free show Rhys!

Sunday afternoon at Martin Place

The kink is gone. Time for a lil sesh.
Dane - nosegrind

Jake was very comfortable on this bs lip



Dane slipped out on this fs board to fakie...

...So Rhys thought he'd lend him a hand on his next attempt...

...And the next attempt.

There there.

You know Getrad was filming.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I hate Mondays

Julius FS board warm up.

Manly Soul Bowl

Just a few shots from 2 weekends back in Manly.
Pedro Won again.
Had to get the beach in the background of course.
Rune with a Lien

Curan was the only one skating padless in this heat.